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Friday, January 20, 2012

Join The Fray!

Join the Fray!

 The Fray is probably one of the biggest bands that you’ve never heard of. You hear their music all the time. You listen to it on the radio, on your favourite TV shows (such as Grey’s Anatomy!) and I bet you can even hum along with half of the lyrics to some of their hits. But who has heard of the Fray? That’s what I was wondering when someone decided to show me one of their hit songs. I instantly recognized it, even before the lead singer began his signature, soft droll.

  The Fray was created in 2002 in the snowy city of Denver, Colorado. Originally, there were only 2 band members: Isaac Slade, and Joe King. Both of these members sing (Isaac sings the lead and plays piano) and Joe plays rhythm guitar, as well as the backup vocals. The Fray has had a lot of different members since 2002, with at least 7 members having already come and gone. Currently they are a foursome, with Dave Welsh on lead guitar and Ben Wysocki beatin’ down the drums, as well as the 2 aforementioned creators of the band.

The Fray
  The Fray has had a lot of musical success. Their first album to be released was called How to Save a Life, and this is also the name of their most famous hit single. This song was all over the radios when it was released, and even appeared on Grey’s Anatomy to give it some more class. However, this wasn’t their first single. This honour goes to “Over My Head (Cable Car),” which reached international success. Other notable songs from them include “Be the One,” “Happiness,” and “You Found me.”

  The Fray are the proud owners of 3 high grade albums, “How to Save a Life,” “The Fray,” and “Scars and Stories.” Sometimes critics label them as emo due to the nature of their songs revolving around real life, such as relationships, war, and the evil in the world, but that’s not exactly fair, as the Fray is not hyper-emotional in any way. They seem to be just searching for the same answers as everybody else; they simply put their questions into musical form. Another thing to note about the Fray is that they tend to have strong religious undertones in their music, being driven by their own personal beliefs.

  The Fray is a great band, as their record will show, and most definitely worth seeing.

*this text was taken from The Fray: The Biggest Band You Never Heard Of.

The Fray is coming to the northwest, see them live! Click here to find out more!

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