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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Bit Of Concert Psychology

The concert experience, for me, is the closest thing to a religious experience as one can get short of witnessing a miracle. It can be the most moving couple of hours spent.

It doesn’t always matter if the bands are of your personal likeness. I have come out of shows astonished, and the performers were never really to my liking before. On the other hand, I have loved a group on record, and left a concert unhappy. I truly believe, to have a great concert the band must be happy to be doing what they are doing, and they must create, a “oneness” amongst themselves and the audience as well.

This “oneness”, creates an excitement, a spark that ignites and joins everyone together in a tribal like experince. It spreads out from the stage to the very back row of the venue. I am sure you have noticed this happen if you have been to a few good concerts. When the whole crowd sings in unison, and if you have been in the highest rows, you may have noticed the ocean of thousands of bodies swaying to and fro to the music as if they are all of the same being.

I believe a good concert will take us back to a more primitive time, when man had to work together as one with other men, the environment which they lived in effected the actions of their togetherness. Just like the music, lights, and colors of the stage effects the movement of an audience at an amazing performance.

When everything is over and the house lights come up. You realize you just experienced a moving event. You feel the heat and static from the energy left in the air. You may notice a release of nervousness and anxiety, worries or fears. This is the magic of attending a great performance. When it’s profound you will never forget the memories of that evening. This is why I recommend everyone to attend a concert. You will be surprised of all the good ways it can affect your spirit.

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